Why Llamas?
The most frequently asked question when people hear that we breed llamas is "WHY?".

Anyone who has ever spent time with these wonderful, tranquil and gentle animals will know the answer.

 They bring great joy to one's life...but there are also  practical reasons to have them.

1) Packing - They can carry between 70-120lbs. Not only are they used for carrying equipment and food for trekking; but they have also been used to carry golf clubs and fishing  tackle. Although they can be ridden, they are really only suitable for light weight children.

Fibre - You can either shear or comb-out the llamas fibre. It is very soft and luxurious. The fibe is lightweight,
warm and does not shrink. The use of llama fibre is big business in South America.

3) Fertilizer - The manure is odorless and high in nitrogen which can be used on gardens without danger of burning plants.

4) Guarding - Llamas are excellent for guarding livestock. They have been particularly successful guarding sheep and goats from foxes.

5) Companions - These sympathetic animals are wonderful companions for both humans and other animals.

6) Showing - There are an ever increasing number of shows for llamas with classes for showing, packing and obstacle racing.

7) Driving - Llamas are very quick learners and with proper training can be taught to pull a cart.

8) Therapy - Because of their gentle, relax nature llamas have been used to visit hospices and children's hospitals.

But still, when asked "Why Llamas?" all I can say is "WHY NOT?"  

So why not buy one?