Llama Facts

Average Life Span: 15 - 20 years 

Average Gestation: Almost 12 months

Number of Offspring: Usually single births

Weaning: 5 - 6 months

Average Weight: 200 - 400 lbs

Average Height: 4' - 4'5" at shoulder, 5' - 5'6" at head.

Sound: Usually just a gentle hum; but when upset can make a shrill alarm sound

Temperament: Calm, tranquil, slightly shy and very intelligent

Health: Few vet problems; worming - 2 or 3 times a year; vaccination against clostridial diseases and tetanus - once a year

Land requirement:  Maximum 4 - 5 per acre

Shelter: Although very hardy, llamas do need access to a field shelter

Fencing:  Standard stock fencing

Feeding:  Grazing during the summer. In winter, grazing supplemented with hay and a small hard feed daily.

Water: They need fresh water available at all times.