About Us

Our main goals are to improve the breeding of llamas here in England and to then make sure that when we sell our llamas that the right ones go to the right homes.

Whether you are looking for showing, breeding, fibre, companion or working llamas, we can help you.

For NEW OWNERS, we have the experience, knowledge and time to teach you about handling, care and general joy of these wonderful animals.
Our llamas are all well handled, halter trained, used to being groomed and going for walks.

For EXPERIENCED BREEDERS looking to improve your herd, we can help you find the right animals to compliment your existing herd.   

All our llamas are registered with the British Llama and Alpaca Association, which means their breeding can be verified. It also means that they are eligible to participate in all llama shows.

We are always available to give you back-up help after you have purchased your llama or llamas from us.

Please call to make an appointment to meet our llama family. It is our pleasure to show you our animals, explain what we do and answer any questions you may have.